Profile Luky Alfirman

Luky AlfirmanMember, (Ex-Officio Ministry of Finance)




Born in Bandung, March 27th 1970, Luky earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in 1994 and a Mas of Arts in Economics from University of Colorado, Boulder, USA in 2000. He studied further in University of Colorado, achieving a PhD in Economics in 2004.

Luky started his career in the Ministry of Finance in March 1st 1995. He went through several positions during his career, but his most recent position were Director General of Budget Financing and Risk Management from November 2017.

Based on the Presidential Decree No. 78/M of 2019 on 2 December 2019, he was appointed as a Member of LPS’ Board of Commissioners