Member, (Ex-Officio Financial Services Authority / OJK)

Heru KristiyanaMember, (Ex-Officio Financial Services Authority / OJK)




Earned his Bachelor of Law from Diponegoro University and Master of Management from STIE IPWIJA (Institut Pengembangan Wiraswasta Indonesia Jakarta).

He started his career at the Foreign Exchange Bank Monitoring Department of Bank Indonesia (BI) in 1983, and then served as BI Deputy Director in 2007.

He was appointed as Head of Bank Supervision 3 Department in 2011, then promoted to Deputy Commissioner of Banking Supervision 4 of Indonesia Financial Services Authority (IFSA) for term 2013-2016. He has been appointed as Member of IFSA Board of Commissioners based on Presidential Decree No. 87/P Year 2017 since 18 July 2017. He was appointed as Member of IDIC Board of Commissioner (ex-officio IFSA) pursuant to Presidential Decree no. 56/M Year 2017 dated September 25, 2017. This appointment was extended in pursuant to Presidential Decree no. 23/M Year 2020 dated March 23, 2020.