Insured Deposit

The insured deposits comprised of third party funds (non-bank) and interbank deposits, including current accounts, time deposits, certificate of deposits, saving accounts, and/or other similar forms of deposits.
2. Syaria-based deposits that are insured include:
Wadiah-based current accounts;
Wadiah-based savings;
Mudharabah mutlaqah-based or mudharabah muqayyadah-based savings whose risks are borne by the bank;
Mudharabah mutlaqah-based or mudharabah muqayyadah-based time deposits whose risks are borne by the bank;
Other forms of Syaria-based deposits as determined by IDIC and Subject to Bank Indonesia's approval in its capacity as the Banking supervisory institution.
The insured deposits comprise of deposits derived from the public, including those from other banks.
The amount of deposits that is insured by IDIC comprise of the deposit's balance that consists of principal and accrued interest/return as of the date of the bank's license's.
5. These deposits are in the form of:

Principal along with any revenue-sharing that has become the right of the depositor, for Deposits that possess revenue-sharing components that arise from a Syariah-based transaction;
Principal along with interest that has become the right of the depositor, for deposits that possess an interest component;
The current value as of the date of the license's revocation utilizing the prescribed discount rate for deposits that possess a discount component;
The balance insured per depositor for a single bank comprise of the sum of all balances of accounts/deposits that the depositor has within the bank in the form of either single or joint account
In regards to joint accounts, the balance to be used for a depositor will be the joint account's balance which is proportionally divided among the account holders.
If the depositor possesses, both, an individual and joint account, therefore, the individual account's balance takes precedence.
If a depositor has an account which, in writing, is to be allocated to a beneficiary. Therefore, the balance of this account will be treated as the beneficiary's account balance.
10. As of 13th October 2008, the maximum amount of deposit insured per depositor within a single bank is Rp2 billions.