Vision, Mission, & Values of Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (IDIC)

Vision of Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (IDIC)

To become a foremost, reliable, and recognized institution both nationally and internationally in insuring customers deposit and implementing bank resolutions in order to promote and maintain financial system stability.


Mission of Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (IDIC)

We are committed to:

  1. Provide effective deposit insurance in order to protect depositors;
  2. Conduct effective and efficient bank resolutions;
  3. Resolve crisis through effective and efficient bank restructurings; and
  4. Actively promote and maintain the national financial system stability

through a competent organization.


Values of Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (IDIC)

  1. Integrity means speak honestly, act independently according to the code of conduct, and always prioritize the institution’s interest;
  2. Collaboration means prioritize cooperation, support one another with openness and positive thoughts, and trust and appreciate one another to achieve the institution’s goals;
  3. Accountable means be bravely responsible for all actions or decisions according to the applicable policies/rules by considering the risks;
  4. Respect means appreciate, esteem, and care for other people based on empathy, courtesy, and selfless sincerity; and
  5. Excellence means attempt to achieve the best results by applying high standards and conduct sustainable development and innovation.