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Transitioning to Renewables and Possible Role for Deposit Insurers

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LPS - Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan

Achieving Net Zero: Transitioning to Renewables and Possible Role for Deposit Insurers


Study revealed over the past four decades alone, earth’s temperature has risen by 0.18°C per decade. Compared to the 0.08°C increase during the 1880 to 1981 period, it increased by almost twice the amount per decade from 1981 onwards. It is undeniable that this will have an impact on our means of production and the survival of the earth’s population through physical risks in the form of natural disasters and changes in weather patterns that will affect food supplies. Naturally, if there is no effort to reduce it, the warming of the earth’s temperature will continue. Therefore, global efforts have been initiated and enhanced in the past three decades with the establishment of the Kyoto Protocol which binds industrialized and transitional economies to limit GHG emissions.


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