Sosialisasi Program Penjaminan Simpanan dan Tindak Pidana Perbankan

The Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (IDIC) along with Bank Indonesia (BI) conducted a Seminar entitled, “on Deposit Insurance and Banking Crimes for Law Enforcers”, held on the 24th-25th of July 2008 at the Novotel Hotel in Bogor, West Java. The participants invited to the Seminar comprised of officials from the West Java Regional Police and State Prosecutor’s Office. The two-day event was opened by Firdaus Djaelani, in his capacity as the Acting Chief Executive Officer of IDIC, which was followed by brief remarks from Ms. Nina K. Aziz, the Deputy Head of Bank Indonesia’s Bandung Offices.

Participants to the Seminar were given the unique opportunity to understand IDIC, the deposit insurance scheme, BI bank supervision and regulation as well the handling of suspected bank crimes within the first day of the Seminar. The response was indeed positive as participants enthusiastically posted numerous questions and suggestions to the resource persons in regards to IDIC’s deposit insurance scheme, bank liquidation process as well as method for claim payments. The participants also discussed outstanding issues relating to bank crimes.

Discussions regarding criminal cases related to banking was the highlight of the second day of the event which was preceded by a presentation on banking criminal cases encountered by IDIC, in respect to its handling of banks that had their licenses revoked by Bank Indonesia, and was followed by detailed discussions on banking crime cases encountered by BI.

The two-day Seminar was officially closed by Mr. Noor Cahyo, in his capacity as IDIC’s Director of Claims and Bank Resolution.